Editorial content
Over the last few years, our stylistic skills have been severely tested by very demanding customers in the tourism sector.

Editorial content became a fully-fledged field of our business about five years ago, when customers started sending us translations on cosmetics, haute couture and leather goods for reputed international luxury brands. From that starting point and thanks to the experience gained, we have received more and more requests in fields as diverse as watchmaking, table arts, fashion, etc.

We have now reached a point where these “editorial” texts are becoming a fully-fledged sector of our business, exceeding more traditional fields in terms of volume. In fact, we really enjoy translating these texts which involve constant adaptation of style and tone to each line of business and to the intended readers.

But we also know from experience that these are not always the most “profitable” texts, which is why we cannot always offer our basic price for the more difficult texts.

Experience has also shown, however, that it is sometimes worthwhile to tighten our belts with respect to the prices for editorial content for a luxury or ready-to-wear brand, for example, to earn the trust of customers and later translate all their sales documents and catalogues.
Technical field
Leading luxury brands
(leather goods, haute couture, cosmetics, perfume, watchmaking, fine jewellery),
ready to wear lines for adults and children, fashion accessories
(travel guides, regional tourist board websites,
tourist office brochures, museums)
Marketing, advertising,
human resources
Wine (great wineries)
and spirits (leading cognac brands, whisky, rum…)
Press articles
Prestige publications, newsletters, press releases, websites…